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About Our App

Easy Site Audit is simple remote inspection app where you can record issue(s), even take photo(s), and create a consolidated & customized report. Share the reports with other stakeholders even at remote locations.

How The App Works?

Create Projects

Handling two or three projects, at the same the time? Not a problem! With Easy Site Audit, you can create and manage multiple projects on the same platform. Organize the information under different projects. This means you can generate a more comprehensive and consolidated audit reports.

Add issues

Add your issues & Highlight an important issue by annotation tool on photo. Even you can rearrange order of issue as per your priority.

Prepare Reports

Create customized report and give a personal touch, by adding company name, logo and signature to the report. Even you can customize report style as per your needs.

Publish Reports

Whether you are doing a site inspection, noting down snagging issues or creating a punchlist, you can assemble and share your observations with all the stakeholders. This means, more transparency in the project and less scope of errors.

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Our Pricing Options

7 Days Trial


per month

  • Unlimited Projects & Issues
  • Different Report Style
  • Fully Customize Options
  • Share It
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Per Month

  • Unlimited Projects & Issues
  • Different Report Style
  • Fully Customize Options
  • Share It
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How do I rename a project after creation?

Click on the Project from home project list. Navigate to 'Edit Info' from summary screen. Here you can edit the project information.

Can I add my company details to my Audit Reports?

Yes, company details, including a logo, can be set up in Settings, You can accessed any time from report settings as well.

Can I change the wording of 'issue' on my Audit Reports?

Yes, the 'issue' wording can be changed in Settings. Navigate to Settings customization.Then enter your preferred terms for single (e.g. Snag), plural (e.g. Snags), and PDF Specifier (e.g. Found).

Can I sync my projects between Easy Site Audit iOS and Android?

Not currently, but this is something we would like to add in future.

Is there any limit to the amount of 'issues' or projects I can create?

No, not at all. You are free to create unlimited 'Issue' and projects. Please keep in mind that slower devices may struggle to handle projects with hundreds of 'Issues'.

How do I delete a photo from an 'issue'?

When on the 'Issue' page, select the 'Delete Photo' option from the delete icon.

How do I reorder 'issues' in a project?

When on the 'issue' list page, select the 'Reorder issues' option from the right menu in header and drag the item.

What is the 'reference' for a project?

This is a field designed to help you organise your projects easily. Feel free to use this however works best for you!

Can I preview what an Audit Report looks like before I share it?

Yes, if you want to check out how the report looks, Navigate to share report page. You can then share the Audit Report straight from this screen.

My Audit Reports are too big to send via email, is there any way to make them smaller?

Try reducing the photo quality until the size goes down. You can find this option in Settings, listed under 'Photo Quality'.

Can I restore the default settings and options?

No, but all global settings will be applied to each new project it will not update to older project.

Do you offer custom built apps?

Yes, here at Easy Site Audit we are always open to discussing new possibilities for apps. Please drop us a line at and we'll be in touch.

Can I use Easy Site Audit on my other devices?

Easy Site Audit is currently available for Android 4.3+, as well as iPad and iPhone.

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Do you face difficulties in organizing and sharing site inspection reports, while auditing sites? It is time to download Easy Site Audit App! Prepare site audit reports easily and quickly, with this Site Audit app.